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Days have passed, but the thought of going for another Erotic Massage Manchester hasn’t. Who would say no being gently led into a bliss? Which is the reason why I had to book another one today and I couldn’t wait for it. Visiting Josephine has become my weekly habit, she makes the worse days seem bearable and the best days even better. Once I arrived, she greeted me with a warm smile and followed her directly to the room where she gives massages. “You can take your shower here, I left you a towel on the chair.” Josephine explained and I went directly to the shower. After a few minutes, I went to the massage table and prepared for Josephine’s magic.

I lay down on my stomach and closed my eyes, focusing on the sound of oil being poured out in her hands and the feeling of her cold hands rubbing the warm oil on my skin. Josephine started with my neck, slowly releasing all the pressure in just a few motions, her hands lightly rubbed the tense areas. I immediately felt more relieved once the built-up tension was gone. She massaged my shoulders in circular motions, making my blood circulation run wild. Gently sliding her hands lower on my back, I relaxed completely. There was no need to explain to her what feels good because she knew all the right spots to put pressure on.

Her hands reached the lower part of my back and I could feel my excitement grow slowly. Her Erotic Massaged my lower back realising the pressure in my body and making me more aroused with every touch. Once she reached my perineum, I could feel her put pressure on the spot so lightly and yet so effectively. All the arousement that had built up during her massage was slowly realised.       

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