Erotic Massage Story

Relaxing after a long flight with a seductive erotic massage.

After a long flight, Mark finally landed on Manchester Airport and he was so tense that it became unbearable. All he wanted was something to relax every muscle in his body. Happy that he thought upfront, Mark started going towards the massage parlour for his appointment. He waited in their reception room and just by being there he immediately felt more relaxed. When it was his turn, Ellie called him to join her in one of the guest rooms. He admired her slim curvaceous body every time he would come to see her.

When Mark went inside the room he undressed and put his clothes aside. “You can lie on your stomach and I will start by massaging your back,” Ellie said, her voice sounding so soothing. He did as she said and soon afterwards he felt her gentle fingers on the lower part of his back. Tracing her fingers along his back, while massaging the oil into his skin. Leaning closer to his ear, Ellie whispered, “You like how this feels?” and just her voice made every part of his body alert in a sexual way. He was only able to murmur a few words, telling her to continue.

Once her fingers started massaging his legs and got closer to his perineum, he became aware of just how turned on he was. Ellie then started massaging his butt with one hand and his perineum with the other one. Mark was on the edge of explosion once she told him to turn on the other side. But he did so and tried not think about the reaction that the massage caused to the lower part of his body.  

Ellie then massaged his chest and neck. But once Mark started relaxing again he could feel her fingernails, lightly touching his skin. It was light enough that he barely noticed it, but it aroused him again and he decided to fully surrender to her light touch.

Her hand reached between his thighs massaging the muscles and once in a while, he would feel her fingertips brush on his balls, leaving him even more aroused each time. As soon as he thought that he couldn’t take any more of it, she surprised him by massaging his balls with one hand and then soon after taking his rock-hard dick in the other hand. The combination of her massaging skills and the way she took his dick made him reach the peak that he needed.

He could slowly feel all of his nerves relaxing and he completely let go. Making an appointment here was something that he will definitely repeat in the soon future.

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