Females Erotic Massage

Female Erotic Massage

Lisa was one of the people that couldn’t wait for the end of the week to get the satisfaction that came with an erotic massage. It was the best time of her week. She enjoyed the slow build-up of pleasure. And so, when the week was finally over she was there, waiting for her appointment with Laura. Those appointments would release all the tension and stress from her body, touch by touch. It felt like she could finally relax and enjoy.

Once she heard Laura call her name with her seductive voice, Lisa could already feel herself getting aroused. Just the mere thought of Laura’s hands on her body made her speed up and lie down on the massaging table.

While she lay on the table she watched Laura prepare the oils. Lisa closed her eyes and relaxed, taking deep breaths and preparing herself. She could hear Laura’s light steps coming closer and closer. Not even a minute later Lisa could feel her gentle hands on her skin. Starting with Lisa’s ears and slowly going down her face and then focusing on her neck. Every touch felt like silk and it relaxed and aroused her at the same time. The heat from Laura’s skin and her touch at the same time made her loosen up even more. She could feel the muscles on her body relaxing as if she was about to fall asleep and yet her mind was completely awake. She wanted it to last all day.

Laura slowly massaged the oils into Lisa’s arms and then hips. She always enjoyed giving Lisa a massage. The way Lisa let her touch and massage her body made even her aroused. She looked at her perked nipples while she was rubbing her breasts. Each time her fingers came closer to her clitoris Lisa would moan silently, without even being aware of it. Laura thought how that on its own made Lisa even more desirable.

It was strange before Laura was able to even touch Lisa’s skin below her stomach, she completely let go. The combination of smell, touch and pressure increased her sexual stimulation enough to make Lisa explode in front of Laura’s eyes. No matter how many times Laura saw it, it was always extremely enjoyable to watch.

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