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It was a beautiful day and Liam enjoyed every moment of it, but there was one thing that he couldn’t stop thinking about, his visit for an erotic massage. He made an appointment a few days ago when he realised that he needed something to relax him. The place he was working at made him stressed and the message was the answer to those his problems.

When he arrived at Ladybirds Massage Parlour he couldn’t help but smile once he saw Poppy. Her hair looked like it was sun-kissed and her blue eyes were as blue as the sky. Just looking at her was a true pleasure for Liam. Poppy greeted him with a smile and told him she was happy to have him there. She showed him where he can take off his clothes and left the room to give him some privacy. Once he was alone, Liam took off his clothes slowly, getting ready for the massage physically and mentally. Just seeing her blew up his mind, he wasn’t sure how he would feel after the massage.

He relaxed immediately and decided to let her have complete control over his body. He lied down on his stomach and waited for her to return. Once she came back in the room, he heard her walking and prepping everything that was needed for the massage. Soon afterwards he could feel the oil on his back and her gentle arms on his shoulders. With each movement of her hands, he was able to feel the knots on his back disappearing. All the stress that built upon his back was getting resolved by her tender fingers that seemed to get just the right spot and helped the pain go away. The massage was painless and very effective.

Every touch of her gentle fingers on his body made him feel even more relaxed and attracted to her. Once he turned to the other side and she started massaging his chest he was able to watch her work. Liam couldn’t move his eyes away from Poppy once he was able to really look at her. The more she was massaging him the more he felt aroused.

Poppy was taking care of every tense part of his body while she was also being tender enough for him not to feel any pain. His muscles were completely relaxed while his dick was becoming aroused. She started massaging the area around it concentrating on his balls and just below it. Liam wasn’t sure how it was possible to feel that relaxed and aroused at the same time. She wanted to make him even more aroused and it was working. Soon enough all he wanted was to feel her soft fingers on his dick. She indulged Liam’s wishes and began rubbing it slowly and with a certain strength. Not even a minute later Liam could feel himself exploding. He couldn’t wait to see Poppy again and to enjoy this feeling again.

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