A Couples Tantric Massage

No matter how your day starts you can always turn it around and make it the way you want it to be. I have had different men, women and couples visit me and leave with an amazing experience. Having couples visit me is always a different and fascinating experience because of their bond.

Today was going to be one of those special days, I planned to perform a tantric massage with Ella on a couple. We prepared everything in the room, so they would be comfortable and relaxed once we start massaging them.

Once they walked in we were ready and waiting, they seemed nervous which was usual for people that were coming to us for the first time. “Hello, this is my wife Jeraldine and my name is Thomas.”, we introduced ourselves and after talking for a while we showed them where the showers are. After Thomas and Jeraldine showered, they came in the room with only bathrobes on them. They lied down on their beds that we set up for them. The room was dimmed and only had candles lit up, we played some light music to make the atmosphere appropriate for such a private experience.        

Jeraldine set on one bed still insecure and uncertain of what to do. I joined her and started the massage with deep breathing while caressing her skin. Slowly she started relaxing and giving in. Tantric massage is not just a massage, it rids you of negative energy. It’s a purifying process. She looked at me and I could see how relaxed she was becoming, so I told her to lie down.

While I was focusing on Jeraldine, Ella was doing the same for Thomas who was already relaxed by the breathing technique and Ella’s calming voice. They had both undressed and focused on each other’s voices and bodies. She began caressing his body, starting with his face. Her slow and sensual movements made his muscles relaxed and his mind excited and unwound. Ella took some oil and massaged his whole body, concentrating on each part equally. She moved past his penis and started massaging the muscles in his thighs. He started feeling like most of the muscles on his body were completely rested and relaxed. After massaging his thighs, she concentrated on the area closer to his penis. Focusing on his balls in the begging and the area around it. Thomas had never felt so turned on and yet so relaxed. Each light touch over his body has led to the moment where there was no built-up tension and yet he was on the edge of coming. Ella stroked over his penis once more and he felt an intense orgasm like never before.

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